Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday 8/22/16

Today is my last Monday at my job in DC.  I love this job.  But I can't take it to Wisconsin with me.
We are still living in a sea of boxes.  This week the last of our food will be eaten.  I am excited and nervous.  So glad to be going home but there is so much that can go wrong in the next 10 days.

Since my stitching is packed along with everything else, I have just been reading.  I am up to book 55 this year.

Since I am moving home, I have had a lot more thoughts about mom.  Sure wish she could have stayed healthy until I got there.  So strange to think of her as gone.  Looking forward to spending time with my niece.  She has severe anxiety and I think we could benefit from some quality time together.
I am eating too much.  Again.  Not really binging but my portion sizes are too big.  Need to take a breath and calm down.

Peace and Love

Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday August 8, 2016

Haven't been motivated to do much of anything lately.  Our apartment is mostly packed up so I am living in a sea of boxes.  It has been 98 degrees out.  So very humid out.  I can barely breathe when I am outside.  I have been reading so much this year.  But now that everything is packed that is all I have to do.  I am on my 49th book this year. 

My husband and I drove around upper Maryland and dipped into Pennsylvania to stop at Gettysburg.  We stopped at the Catoctin Zoo and State Park.  We also stopped at antique stores.  We passed through Cascade MD and saw Fort Ritchie.  It was built in WWI era.  But it is all rock and shaped like little castles.  Loved it.  It was so hot and humid, I was soaking wet most of the day.

We move back to Wisconsin on the 30th of this month.  We will be driving so we hope to be in WI by the evening of the 31st.  We will have the cats with us in the car so we want to go as far as we can each day to get them to their new home soon.  They will be so traumatized by this trip.  I just hope they don't get sick. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday July 22 2016

Finally getting back to my blog.  I think I am starting to recover from the horrible month of June and losing our mother.  Things in June were such a madhouse.  Flying back and forth from DC to WI. But we got my mom's apartment cleaned out by June 30th.  

In June, my husband and I bought a home in WI too. We will be moving there at the end of August.  We both gave our bosses notice that August 26th will be our last days to work.  I just wish mom could have made it for me to move "back home".  I think we would have had some good times.

My husband has us almost totally packed already so we are living in a sea of boxes.  In some ways I dread unpacking them.  But in other ways I am looking forward to organizing and purging once we get there.  There is a facebook page for selling items in our new home town so I hope to make a little cash off my purged junk.  I will be excited to get my craft corner set up and organized too.

My husband and I also had our 8th wedding anniversary on July 12th.  This is the first year there has been so much going on that it slipped my mind.  That kind of made me sad. 

I haven't been doing so good about paying attention to my food issues.  Don't feel like I have been on any binges though. 

I haven't been stitching at all.  I was working on my Mason Jar Lineup about 2 months or so ago and I love the picture but I am hating the stitching of it.  So instead I have been reading like a maniac.  I am up to 44 books read this year.  I have them listed on this blog on a different page.  See above.

Monday, my replacement starts at work and I will start training her.  I am very worried that she won't be able to deal with my co-worker M the bigot.  I hope she can keep her opinions to herself for awhile.

It is so hot and humid here in DC but looking at the weather it seems a whole lot of the USA is in a heat wave. 

Here is a picture of our tiny house.  I think the garage is bigger than the house.  That is my husband and his brother standing there.

All in all, things are going good.

Friday, July 8, 2016

July 8, 2016

I didn't post in June because it was so awful,  I flew to Wisconsin to spend a week taking care of my mother who was gravely ill.  My sisters had taken the week and a half before I got there.  We stayed with her pretty much 24/7.  She would start to get better so the insurance company would say "okay, she has to leave the hospital". So then we would go to the nursing home/rehab facility.  A total of 7 ambulance rides.  Which did not help things.  I flew home and a few days later she passed away.  Then I flew back to do the funeral and start clearing her apartment out.  Then I went back to work.  then I flew back to help finish cleaning out her apartment by June 30th.

It was exhausting and heartbreaking and that is why I haven't been posting.  I am just so tired.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday 06/03/16

I haven't been posting.  My mother is in grave health and not doing well.  Just wanted to let you know why I have not been posting and I probably won't post for another week or so.



Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday 05/27/16

We made our quick trip to Wisconsin to see if there really is a little house being built.  It is there and coming along.  I am so very excited to be moving home.  I had a hard time taking pictures because of the sun, But you can see it is a house.

I still have not picked up my stitching.  That's okay I am reading and I love that too. I have all the books from this year listed on a different page on this blog.

OA For Today: I stop in the middle of an old answer, an old habit, an old way of thinking and ask myself: " Is this really the best way, or is there a better one?"  Good advice.

Peace, Love and Hope

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

05/18/16 Wednesday

I finished reading Where We Belong by Emily Giffin.  It is about a woman who gave up her child when she was 18.  I found the family dynamics interesting.

I think my sister is going to make it to Wisconsin this weekend.  She is so strong to leave her husband.  He has made it clear he does not plan to stop drinking so this is what she has to do to be safe and healthy.  So proud of her for protecting herself.

OA For Today: Where I am today is a fine place to start.  That is a good thing to say each time you stumble.  Where I am right now is a fine place to start.

I pay way too much for my cell phone so yesterday I was mildly researching cell phone plans and this seems to be a money pit.  Look where we have gotten ourselves with our dependence on cell phones. Having a cell phone costs a lot more than having electricity.  It seems like you can't get a plain phone that just makes calls and texts.  I will keep looking.