Friday, November 18, 2011

11/18/11 TGIF

Apparently, journaling when I get home at night isn't working.  I have missed a couple of days.  I have been on the binge warpath the last couple of days.  Even so I wasn't as bad as I was in the past.  I do think about food nonstop.  It is on my mind all the time.  What can I have for lunch that isn't too fattening? What should I do for supper?  What do I have to eat around here.  It is truly an obsession.  I started the same diet my brother is on today.  It is using the product HCG.  Then you only eat a tiny protein and one vegetable ffrom a small list.  Lunch and dinner.  Apple for a snack. 500 calories a day.   The HCG is suppose to stop the craving for food.  My brother has lost 40 lbs.  I do believe men lose faster than women so I don't expect those results.  I would like some results.  I don't believe it can stop the cravings.  I don't think my craings are physical, I think they are mental.  This plan is crazy I know but if I can work it for a week maybe I can keep going.  It looks like you shouldn't do this for more than 6 weeks at a stretch.  If I could do that for 6 weeks maybe I could stop the binging and thinking about food.

Our freezer is going to die soon.  We have a new one coming next Friday.  Until then my husband wants us to eat as much from the freezer as possible for the next week to try to empty it out.  A good idea if there was anything in there I could eat on this diet.  I will try very hard to keep my portions very small.  I have been pretty good today. 

I am getting a cold and would like nothing more than to go home and crawl into bed.  I leave work at 3:30 and get home at about 6:00.  It is only 12:30 now.  Going to be a long day. One of my coworkers just gave me an assignment.  I have to have it done by Monday afternoon.  It will be tough.  She won't get it to me in time for me to work on it today, so I will have to crank it out Mondya morning.  She is one of those people that makes me want to say "poor planning on your part doesn't consitute urgency on mine".  

My husband is back from a business trip and I am glad he is back but I am getting a cold and feel awful.  He has a low immune system so there will be no snuggling this weekend.

I have been neglecting my Bible studies for quite a long time now and I am going to try to focus on getting back into a routine.  I want to get my spiritual center back. 

That's all for today.

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