Monday, November 21, 2011

11/21/11 Monday

What a horrible weekend.  My food control was out the window.  It started Friday night with my ex calling my cell phone and leaving the message, "D I know this is your number why don't you grow a pair and answer your phone."  This was followed by a text message "We need to talk".  My current husband took the phone and text back. "No we don't".  There was some back and forth.  Basically it came down to my ex wants me to pay him for stuff he is missing that he didn't get in the divorce 4 years ago.  He didn't make any claims back then and I didn't keep anything of his so I don't know what he is talking about.  Then he started on the IRS and how I owe 9,200.00 plus penalty and taxes and he has reported me for filing in 2007 without his permission.  He didn't get a part of the 2007 tax return.  He ended up getting frustrated and saying , well I got my name off the taxes so it is all on you.  Spent Saturday morning going thru the divorce box of crap and found the cancelled checks showing I did pay him his share of the taxes.  Around noon, I got the message that my Aunt had died.  So spent the rest of the day crying about her and upset that the IRS is looking for me.  I had gotten a headache on Friday night so on Sunday morning after all the crying I had a major migraine.  I totally fell off the new HCG diet I was trying out.  I just ate regular meals and some snacks.  Today my head still hurts but I am trying to stay more on track with the diet.  It is suppose to be 500 calories a day but that isn't going to happen so I hope I can still lose weight by lowing my calories but not as low as 500 calories a day.  I am much calmer this morning.  I spoke to the IRS and I don't owe any taxes.  I am still so very sad over my Aunt's death and the fact I can't go home for the funeral.  If we didn't have Facebook, I think my cousins would probably disappear from my life so I am grateful for Facebook.

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