Monday, November 28, 2011

11/29/11 Monday

It was a good 4 day weekend.  My eating wasn't totally out of control. My ex's words are still eating at me but I felt the over eating was down to just not eating good.  My honey always wants a traditional Thanksgiving even tho I don't see the point to it.  But I managed to get a ham instead of turkey.  I know turkey is healthier but there isn't a turkey small enough for two people and we eat turkey till I can't stand it at all.  We had mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes.  No stuffing.  I had to get a pumpkin pie for my love too.  I had one small piece with fat free cool whip.  That is all.  I did pretty good.  I haven't lost any weight and I hope I don't have a gain tonight at weigh in.  Because I am riding in the same area it could be up.  I am starting pack on the HCG program today.  Hopefully I can bring my calorie count down so the stuff can work.  It might be hype but my brother and his friend have lost. 

My emotions weren't out of control on this 4 day weekend but just knowing that my ex is out there trying to get money and is in a desparate wicked state is on my mind almost constantly.  I didn't think about him when I was out shopping Friday (after the crazy people were done).  I can see how shop-a-holics are created.   I hope to have a good day today.  I am planning on popcorn for lunch if my order arrives in time.

This will be a good day!

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