Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thurs 12/15/11

Well still out of control.  This time my excuse is I have had a headache for a couple of days.  You know eating probably makes it worse.  But when my head hurts I tend to eat more unless I can lay down.  Of course, at work, they don't like that.

Today's story in the Thin book, it about getting started.  This is my wake up call.  How can I activate my own inner resources.  The book says to stay motivated.  Cast off negative experiences.  When you spirit soars your weight falls. Hmmmm.  Call back the positive feelings when you liked what you saw in the mirror.  I think I can thank mommy dearest for not being able to have that.  I can't say I have ever liked what was in the mirror.

The book says I should have a mission statement. Hmmmmm.
         My mission is too lose weight.  To get eliminate the burden my body is carrying. I will not overeat.

What I have eaten before right now does not count.  What counts is right now!
         I've had it with living this way, I am going to change, now!

I need to build up my spirituality and start relying on God to help me.  Change is possible.

Lord, make me willing to change. 

I am going to follow the OA Food for thought book and the Thin Book as I start my new journey today.

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  1. I read Skinny Bitch and was shocked at what I learned. But I have to honestly say that the thing that helped me most was the dietician. She ends up kind of being the food police and you have to tell her everything. Writing it down is half the battle. Physically telling someone you have failed week after week is enough to make you not fail.