Saturday, December 13, 2014


Today was rough.  The whole week was rough.  I have been out of sorts for weeks.  Since my sister nearly died.  She is still very ill and lives 1100 miles away from me.  I have been very weepy too.

Back to today... my husband has PTSD from being in the military and being in the Beruit War as well as other combat situations.  He gets very irritated easily.  Don't get me wrong he is not abusive to me.  He just has a cutting sharp voice.  I was raised by an abusive mother so I don't handle his or anyone's irritability well.  I am horrible with confrontation too.  I stuff everything down and then pack food on top.  Today, as we were driving along and he was so testy, all I could think of is I think I could use a drink.  I don't drink!!  I need to find a way to calm down.  A healthy way.  I think that is what cross stitch is too me.  A spot where I can concentrate on making a beautiful picture and ignore the rest of the world.  

I have been shopping for cross stitch stuff like crazy.  I have lots of patterns and about 6 unfinished kits.  I have lots of floss now and I went to kit up my new project for January Stitch from Stash and realized that all my aida is small pieces.  I don't have any pieces big enough.  So I have to shop again.  I need to get enough for all of 2015.  My goals set for 2015 are buy no more stitching stash and food wise I will not eat a french fry in 2015.  Might seem silly to give up one food item but I think it is a good goal.

Hoping for a happy rest of the day.

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