Monday, December 15, 2014


Not a bad weekend.  I don't feel that there was any severe overeating of meals.  I did eat an entire bag of cheese popcorn throughout the weekend.  I am pleased with the over all eating weekend.

I did get off my butt on Sunday morning and go to worship service.  I always feel better when I go, it is just the laziness of wanting to stay in on Sundays and not do anything but read and stitch. 

I did get some stitching done.  I usually only like to work on one project at a time.  I have a pattern of once I put down a project I forget about it and move on to something else.  But what I am working on is a gift so I need to keep at it.  It is confetti stitching and driving me nuts.  So I did switch to a small project for a little girl I know.  I am going to participate in a Stitch from Stash in 2015, so I went through my stash and found some old 22 count aida and I am using some old JP Coats floss.  I worked on that most of the evening. 

Going back to the Overeaters Anonymous books to get back into the healthy eating swing.  Today's Voices of Recovery is about anger.  I am not feeling anger.  But the last sentence made sense:  I can live honestly with myself as I recognize and write down my feelings.   I feel good and positive this morning.

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