Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Yesterday was a pretty good day, considering I thought my headache would develop into a full blown migraine.  It is probably a placebo effect but when I get these headaches, I drink Coke.  I don't know if it is the sugar, caffeine or both combined with aspirin.  So drinking all that Coke brought my calorie content up.  I felt my meals were not too big. 

OA - For Today - "There is no problem I cannot take to God and none for which God does not have a solution."  Remembering to ASK is such a struggle for me.

Last night I stitched on my gift for my sister.  (I am really hating it. I can't really talk about it in case she reads this blog)  I stitched mostly on my gift for a friend's little girl.

I am reading another Nevada Barr novel.  I am on book 16 of the Anna Pigeon series.  I love a series in books.  I love to follow a character. 

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