Friday, December 19, 2014


Yesterday was rough.  My co-workers (4 of us) went out to eat with some of our contractors (4 of them).  We went to this "posh" place on Pennsylvania Dr in DC.   I thought I would try something new.  It was called chicken and lemon burger.  It wasn't gross but it wasn't yummy either.  The good news is it came with French fries and I declined them.  Every one pretty much had French fries so they were passed around.  I didn't have a one.  So yeah for me.  Bad news, the appetizer was little puffed balls of dough with cheese in them.  Had 4!  There was also bread on the table had one.  Then one of the contractors gave us gifts.  We got a tiny loaf of gingerbread. Yum.  Homemade sea salt toffee. Yum. And a bottle of homemade Kaluha.  Maybe Yum, not sure as I don't drink.  YET!       Will power going down the toilet....

All in all, giving up French fries is a good thing but not hard.  I think giving up appetizers and the bread basket is what I should give up now too. 

My meal wasn't sitting too good in my stomach and I felt so tired when I got home I didn't get any stitching done.  Just looked at it. 

OA For Today: "believe that you can be abstinent."  Blew that already! Damn sea salt toffee.  AA has one day at a time.  For me it is more like one hour at a time.  Can I get through this hour. 

I think I need to write out serious goals for Jan 2015 and then post them everyday so I am reminded of what I wish to do.  These would be more than just food goals since I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Procrastination!

One hour at a time.  We can do this....

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