Friday, December 26, 2014


Had a very good food day yesterday.  Kept my portions small. Didn't even eat my full dessert just part of it.  Of course, today I feel like I could eat everything in sight.  But I am still trying.  I didn't clean my plate at breakfast.

Now for my stitching up date.  The present, for my sister, that I worked on most of December and a little bit of November has gone into the garbage.  I tried to take a photo and turn it it into a cross stitch pattern.  I was about 95% done.  But I thought it looked horrible.  Trashed it.

Yesterday, I went through my craft cupboard and organized, purged a few things.  Found a frame and mat I didn't remember having.  So I am ready for "2015 Stitch from Stash".  Actually I have already started.  I used an old piece of 22 count aida and old JP Coats floss and made a picture for a little girl I know named Lyric.  Used the frame and mat I found.  So this little project was all from old stash.  I will post a picture of it as soon as I get it back from Michael's.  I took it in today and he said it should be ready Monday.  Awesome!

So now I will work on my large project "Save the Stitches" until January.  In Jan. I am going to start a project for my cousin.  She is hosting our family reunion in May so I want to have it for her by then.

Off to pay bills......

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