Thursday, April 30, 2015


Apparently one of the many reasons I am over weight is my portion sizes are way too big.  Yesterday I felt like I was on an eating frenzy.  It was like I just couldn't get enough food.  Which, I am sure was NOT the case.

For lunch yesterday I went to Noodle & Co.  I had a coupon to try their new Buff Bowls.  No noodles.  Advertised as being chocked full of broccoli, red peppers, carrots, spinach and onions.  Could barely find a piece of broccoli.  It was mostly carrots.  I like carrots raw.  There is something about a slightly cooked carrot that just turns me off.   The normal price for this is $8.49.  I don't think it was worth it.  If it would have had lots of broccoli maybe.

This Saturday when I go grocery shopping I am going to stock up on broccoli, spinach and cucumbers.  Lots of cucumbers.  At least with cukes, I get the crunch and not so many calories. 

So being on Weight Watchers is not easy but then nothing is.  If there was something easy we would all be doing it. 

OA for Today - Pain persists until I give up trying to do things my way.

Couldn't be more true....

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