Monday, May 11, 2015

5/11/15 lost 5 lbs

I weighed in today.  I supposedly lost 5 lbs in the last week.  A part of me really doesn't believe it.  Like maybe the scale was malfunctioning.  My reasoning is my rings are tight.  I felt like I was going to gain this week because of the tightness.  Also, I felt like I was starving and bingeing all week. I guess the good news is eating all those cucumbers when I get hungry helps.  I ate all my lunches and breakfasts from the weight watchers frozen meals.  I tried to pick the ones with the lowest counts.  This way I could have more points to eat at supper time. 

On Sunday's we always eat early.  My husband likes to have a big dinner on Sunday's. By doing this by 6:00pm I am really hungry.  This Sunday the meal wasn't really big but I made a larger than normal amount of cooked broccoli and ate it.  I think that probably did help me out.  And for something sweet, I ate thawed out sugar free peaches at work. 

I feel good when my weight drops below a zero weight like 159 lbs, below 160 (that would be amazing to be that low).  I have less than a 1 lb to go to drop below a zero weight.  That is going to be my motivator this week. (I hope)

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