Tuesday, May 12, 2015


After finding out yesterday, that I lost 5 lbs for a total of 6 lbs, I was feeling pretty good.  The metro had major issues yesterday so to go home we decided to not get on the metro since to go home on our normal blue line we would go through the trouble spots.  We took the red line to Union Station and got on the VRE to Alexandria and then got back on the blue line to go home.  Cost a lot more.  I was having such a good day but at Union Station the long escalator to the train was not working and as I was going  down, I felt my hip muscle pull.  Almost fell.  So much pain.  I have been having a lot of pain in my left hip.  But the chiropractor seems to help.  But last night OMG.  Also, it was so hot and humid yesterday.  I had every intention of getting on my exercise bike.  Like I mentioned I was motivated.  But with the pain and sweat dripping down my body, I just couldn't handle it.  Jumped in the shower, washed my hair, etc.  Tried to make dinner, only got as far as cutting some veggies for salad.  I had to go lay down and find a spot for my leg with no pain.  I couldn't sit but I found a position laying down that helped.  After awhile I was able to get up and sit in a chair without pain.  I have a doctor appointment in a few weeks so I am going to ask for a hip X-ray.    Bad hips run in my family.  If I need a hip replacement I need to do it before my husband retires and we don't have insurance.

Still trying to be motivated.  I have my meals planned out today.  Still wish I didn't obsess about eating so much.

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