Thursday, May 14, 2015


Did pretty good food wise yesterday, until supper time.  I made a trip to Michael's to get my gift for my cousin.  This picture is below.  the way the flash reflected it looks like there are lenses in the glasses. Anyway, I went to UPS to have it shipped to MT.  Totally shocked.  It cost double what it did to frame it.  Holy Crap!  But I wanted to get it there so I paid. 

Then I needed to pick up something for supper.  My husband has been so crabby (he hates his job so much) I decided to get Chinese.  I rarely do that.  I usually stop at Subway and get sandwiches.  But I was hoping to cheer up my crabby guy.    I saved part of my General Tso's tofu for today and I only had a large spoonful of fried rice.  But I ate 2 veggie spring rolls.  I didn't have any soy sauce.  It was so good.  I could eat that GT tofu everyday.  It must be loaded with sugar to make me like it so much.  I need to stay focused and "be good" for the rest of the week.  Man, I love to eat.  Wish I could just go cold turkey.

Catch ya later.

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  1. Keep up the good work sis!! I have been having a hard time and have put all of my weight back on. I love food! It is so sad. I need to find something that brings me as much joy as flavor and fullness do.