Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Everyday is a struggle 6/30/15

People that don't have weight issues or addictive problems have no idea what a struggle food can be.  Everyday is a struggle.  Today's OA phone meeting the message I got was  - one day at a time.  Don't live in the past or the future.  Both of those are a problem for me.  I have always daydreamed.  Always thinking of a better life in the future.  I also relive bad things from the past.  I have been divorced for 7 years now and live 900 miles away from "him" and I still have nightmares.

Yesterday my boss took us out to lunch.  I tried to do the "eat only half".  I ordered a spicy lamb burger.  It was yummy.  Ate the whole thing but I didn't eat the bun.  Asked to not have the fries.  It was a greek restaurant so I had 3/4 of a spanakopada.  That is totally not how you spell it or say it.   But then for dessert, 2 small scoops of vanilla ice cream.  Ate it all.  No surprise there. Somethings there is just no control over.

I am suppose to weigh in today but I am going to skip it and try to gain control of today.  I will weigh in tomorrow.

I was so tired when I got home yesterday.  I was in bed by 8:00.  Hoping for a better day.

For today, I dug out my OA food journal.  Will see if I can work on that today.  One day at a time.

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