Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday 6/29/15

Not a very good week food ways.  Last week I got a lot of free offers emailed to me because of my birth date.  Free Cookie from Pot Bellies, Free drink for Starbucks, Free bowl from Noodles and Co. etc.  There is something in my brain waves (maybe comes from growing up poor) that says you can't pass on free stuff.  Needless to say, it was a bad food week.

I tried to do a "challenge yourself" with my sister.  It was to eat half of what you normally would and exercise for 10 minutes.  I did good on some of the days but by Friday I was out of sync.  I had a doctor appointment at 10:00am on Friday that I had to fast for.  So by the time it was over I was famished.  I didn't eat very much for lunch but that snack I had was too much.  I did find out that I have arthritis in my hips but the pain I have is from a pulled muscle and I need to get the inflammation down and take it easy.   So that blew apart riding my exercise bike.  It doesn't take much for me to find a reason NOT to exercise.

I have been listening in on 2 OA meetings a day, Monday thru Friday.  Wow there are some whiny, woe is me, people.  People who blame the world for all their problems.  While I do blame my mother for some of my behaviors due to her insanity, I know that I am responsible for my issues.  I have to listen in while I am working so I don't think I am getting the best benefit.  I will keep trying.

I have been getting more spiritual study in this last week I hope to continue that.

Update on my cross stitch projects.  My mason jars is much more complicated than I thought it would be.  It is time to put it down and switch to my Save the Stitches project.  After that I am going to switch to the fox pattern I am doing for my niece.  It is calling my name.  No pictures today.

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