Tuesday, July 7, 2015

7/7/15 Getting back to the program

My husband and I spent July 4th weekend in North Carolina.  He wanted to go back to Camp LeJeune and U of NC - Wilmington. It was a walk down memory lane for him.  Some closure I hope and some very emotional times.  We stopped at the Beirut Memorial.  He was in the Beirut war.  I don't think I have ever seen him that emotional.  He has lots of painful memories from his combat years in the Marine Corp. We drove past the places he had lived in Jacksonville NC.  I hope this trip makes his PTSD better and not worse.  We are moving from DC back to Wisconsin in August of 2016 and we know we are never coming back to the east coast.  I hate it here and he got stuck here because of his first wife. So he wanted this trip to say good-bye to past days.

He hasn't lived in the "northland" in 41 years so I hope he won't be sorry to move back.  I don't know if he can handle the winters.  Winters in DC are a piece of cake temperature wise.  I have only been gone for 8 years so I am so excited to go back.

My eating was pretty good over this holiday weekend since every meal we ate was in a restaurant or fast food place.  Although I did have too many cokes.  I don't think I overate until the last night.  We ordered pizza and there is just no stopping me.  But yesterday at home it seemed we were both starving.  Don't know what triggered that.

I will weigh in at WW today and hope that it isn't too bad of a gain.

I did lots of stitching and reading yesterday.  I need to exercise but I would rather stitch and read.

Thought for today from Sir John Templton:  An Attitude of Gratitude Creates Blessings.

I am truly blessed with great friends, wonderful family and amazing husband,

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