Wednesday, July 8, 2015

7/8/15 Am I in Bondage

Yesterday I weighed in.  I skipped weigh in last week and we went on a mini vacation over the 4th. So lots of things not in my favor but I didn't gain.  I stayed the same.  Huge relief.  Now to stay on track today.

I tried to start journaling again.  While I love the idea of it, I just am not disciplined enough to do it.  I also do not like tracking my food.  Every weight loss program I have been a part of says to do that.  I get the logic of it.  You have to be aware of what you are putting in your mouth.  I need to work harder at that.

I was hoping to get back on the exercise bike yesterday too.  I will use any excuse to avoid it.  It was so hot, humid and miserable yesterday so by the time my hour commute was over I was done in. I know! Stupid reason.   I didn't do any spiritual studying or stitching last night either.  I am reading War Brides by Helen Bryan and I did get caught up in that last night.

This morning's For Today was good.  Am I really honest with myself or do I use old rationalizations as to why I am obese?  Basically stop making excuses be honest with yourself.

Also today's Voices of Recovery was good: Clearly, if we are to live free of the BONDAGE of compulsive eating, we must abstain from all foods and eating behaviors which cause us problems.  The idea of being in bondage to certain foods and eating behaviors is in striking contrast to the way I live, in that, these foods and behaviors are "treats".

Abstinence opens the prison door.  If I can jump this hurdle life would get so much better.  One day at a time.

Another OA member had mentioned that he has an allergy to these trigger foods.  An allergy causes an adverse reaction.  I can see that I am allergic to sugar, sweets, fried foods, junk food etc.  So I need to tell myself that if I eat that it will cause an allergic reaction.

Something to think about...................

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