Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday 7/13/15 Starting again.

Last week didn't go very well food wise.  The heat and rain really got me down.  I have this pulled muscle in my upper thigh/groin and it is not getting better.  Then on Saturday I spent 3 hours in a dentist chair getting a root canal.  Now my face hurts. I didn't do any of my spiritual reading.  Just a major downer.  I did stitch a little bit on Sunday.

So starting the week yesterday was my 7th wedding anniversary.  But since I didn't feel good we didn't celebrate by going out,  We are going to Maryland this coming weekend to visit some of the places we liked when we lived there.  Like the Lancaster Dutch Market in Germantown and the orchard in Gaithersburg.

Today, Monday, the OA readings really hit home for me.  I don't live in the present I am always living in the future in my head it will be better when...  Not the way to live,

OA For Today:  I refuse to sacrifice today for a tomorrow that never comes. I have everything I need to live today.  

I am going to focus on that today.

In OA Voices of Recovery: When I take my fear to God, He gives me the ability and the desire to see my life more clearly.  My faith leads me to everything I need to surmount my difficulties if I am open to receiving the gift.  I trust that God will take care of me.

Those were really powerful readings for me today.  I hope I can keep them in mind all day

Have a great day everyone.

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