Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday 7/20/15

Last week I finally hauled myself over to WW and weighed in.  A gain of 4.4.  I knew it was going to be up.  I was quite worried about spending the weekend with my husband away form home because every meal is eaten out.  I think I did pretty good.  I kept my meal portions down.  At the one restaurant I had a burger but didn't eat the bun and had them hold the fries.  I did have the heel of the complimentary bread they brought to the table.  Also, I haven't had a French fry since last November.  Yay!   I wouldn't say I conquered being abstinent yet.  Mainly for things like:  at the movie, I did get a small popcorn and water.  I didn't get a coke like usual.  So small steps.  We saw the Minions.  I loved it.  The music was great.

One thing about eating with my husband is he eats a big breakfast and I can't eat like that. My portions need to be small.  So he will not eat until supper time and then eat a big meal.  Meanwhile, by suppertime I am starving.  Then I overeat.  I need to have a lunch.  He doesn't seem to understand that.

We did a little bit of walking and boy am I out of shape.  My feet and legs hurt. But as I heard at OA, feel the pain don't hide it.  The pain is proof of what you have done and you need to be aware to stop doing it.

I did some spiritual reading this weekend, so I made progress on that goal.  I did get time to work on my cross stitch fox.  And I finished the book "Top Secret Twenty-One" by Janet Evanovich.

My husband and I spent a great amount of time this weekend talking about finances and whether we can actually retire Sept 2016.  We are looking hard at it and going to have another discussion tonight.
I don't actually get to retire.  I lost my retirement fund when the place I worked at was sold.  The little amount that I was given after the sale was lost in a very nasty divorce.  If I leave my job in 2016 instead of 2017 I lose 5,000.00 of the little tiny retirement fund I have built up in the job I am in now and have had for 4 years.   My honey hates his job and I hate the east coast so I am hoping he sticks with the 2016 retirement date.  I told him if he doesn't retire then I want to fly home more often.  Like on July 4th to hang out with my sisters and cousins in Cannon Falls MN.  Fun times.  Don't think he liked that idea.

OA For Today: Growth is the opposite of control,  Another way to put it is learning to Let Go and Let God.  Do I really need to be in control...or can I trust in my Higher Power?

OA Voices of Recovery: Today I live in reality and truly avoid making situations larger than they really are.

Examining the Scriptures Daily: Support the Weak.  1Thess 5:14

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