Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stitch from Stash July check in

Stitch from Stash July check in.

Spent 3.75 on floss for my fox
Earned 4.00 for block 7 of Save the Stitches.

I have no pictures today.  I put 2 new pages on my blog with pictures.  One for 2015 finishes and one with older finishes.  The pages don't look that great because... let's face it...I really have become technology challenged.

I have been attempting to work on my goals.  I am reading my Examining the Scriptures Daily book each morning.  Today's scripture is Gen 26:4 The promise of a Messiah through Abraham's family line.    
I have been listening to lots of OA meetings and trying to work the OA program.  I feel like I am doing really well.  I still haven't worked any exercise into my life.  I am hoping that will come as I continue.  

I have been stitching on my Woodland fox for my niece.

I am reading The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond.  I really hope this has a happy ending.  It is a sad story so far.

I have been talking to my sister.  She fights food in the same ways I do.  We both stuff our feeling down with food.  We have to stop that.  It doesn't help it just makes the problem worse.  

I think the dental work I had done a week and a half ago is infected so I will be at the dentist tomorrow morning.

I think that is all the updates I have today.

Have a great day.


  1. Well done on your sfs
    Love your finishes and allso like me you make a lot for friends and family
    Look forward to see your next finish
    And good luck with trying to loose some weight
    A big hug from Holland

    1. Thank you Esmeralda. I hope to have new picture of a completed fox for the August update.