Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday 7/16/15

Yesterday was pretty good.  I won't call it abstinent because of some light snacking last night.  But it was a fairly good day.  Don't even know why I snacked.  There was absolutely reason for it.  So starting again.

Today's OA meeting was mostly about not being a people pleaser. For Today: I seek my own approval first, then the approval of others.

If you would like to join me in the 6:45 OA Sunrise Meeting.  It is Eastern Standard Time, 6:45am.  Dial 712-432-5200,  When the voice asks for your meeting id, key 4285115#
You can then listen in to the readings and the comments.  If you want to comment just press *1 to unmute and when done *1 again to mute your phone.

I don't write on my blog that often but I have been working at getting better.  I don't write here on the weekends either.  My plans for the weekend are probably stupid being that I am a foodaholic.  My husband would like to go to the Lancaster Dutch meat market in Germantown MD.  So we will be driving there and buying food.  There is also a candy booth, bakery booth, cheese booth and deli booth.  We will also stop at the orchard.  Crazy right?  We are bringing coolers so that we can stop at the movie theater in Gaithersburg MD and not have it spoil.  I will do my best to buy only healthy items and the meat that my husband wants.

From Examining the Scriptures Daily : Eph 3:14, 15 I bend my knees to the Father........

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