Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday 7/21/15 Weigh In

Last week at my weigh-in I had gained 4.4 lbs.  That was on Thursday.  Today when I weighed in I was down 4 lbs.  Wow! I knew I was being good.  I tried to eat smaller portions.  Yesterday, I told my husband that I had been good all weekend.  He said "no you weren't you had strawberry shortcake".  Well... yes I did. But we bought a big (too much) bucket of fried chicken from the Lancaster Dutch stand.  In 2 days , which is 4 meals I had 4 pieces of chicken.  3 of those pieces were wings.  He had 10 pieces.  I need to get him to understand portions.  AND I didn't pig out on the shortcake, I just had a piece.  It was controlled.  He also doesn't understand that I need lunch so he thinks I over ate because I had 3 meals.  He at his entire large breakfast at Denny's on Saturday morning and I ate half of my breakfast sandwich and just picked at the hash-browns.  So while I still don't consider myself in a state of abstinence yet, I think I am making progress.  Last night he made huge salads for us for supper.  He thinks that is diet food.  There was way too much.  So I split mine in half and had it for lunch today too.

Another thing that might be helping me this week is Earl Grey tea.  I bought some for work.  It is suppose to aid in digestion and I think it is working.  (Just use your imagination there).

I read recently that although alcoholics cannot drink alcohol they still need to drink something.  Same with foodaholics.  We can't have trigger foods but we still need to eat.
Potato chips, Doritos, etc, I have no control over and I have to stay away from them.

OA For Today:  I have taken the 1st step. God, help me to stay on this new path toward physical, mental, and spiritual recovery.

Onto other things, I am still stitching on my fox.  I started a new book yesterday too.  The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond.  I love to read.  I could spend the whole day going back and forth between reading and stitching.

My husband and I are still talking about retirement and finances.  We are putting ourselves on a budget but I think we have changed our move home to WI date to Sept of 2017.  Ugh!  Although that goes along with what I told people when I married him.  I would be back in 10 years.

Writing this blog has made me realize, I have a pretty dull ordinary life.  Most days that is okay.    I need to have my brother and sisters around me.  That is when the fun starts.   :-)

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