Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8/25/15 Stitch from Stash August update

Stitch from Stash August update.

I had to buy some floss for my Owl and I found some charms that I couldn't resist.  A total spent = $6.40

I finished my Woodland Babies Fox and block 8 of Save the Stitches for a total of $8.00.

Here are my update photos

I took the fox to Michael's to get it framed. I spent way to much money but the framing really makes this fox awesome.  It is a gift so at least I didn't spend the money on myself.  I will post a picture when I get it back from vacation.

I have started working on an owl for another niece.

We are leaving for Wisconsin tomorrow.  I will be without a computer for 8 days.  I am taking a cross stitch kit with me.  It is a sunflower and I haven't started it.  I figure at night while in my hotel room I can get the kit opened up and get the floss organized.

I am going home to Wisconsin to see my family.  My sisters and brother and me have not all been in the same room for a long time.  I think the last time was when my one sister had her 10th wedding anniversary which was like 12 years ago.  My husband has not even met my brother.  Kind of nervous.  I guess I should mention that my mother is there too.  She is hard to deal with.

The other thing we will be doing in Wisconsin is looking at apartments and visiting a realtor to see about buying a small house. We want to move back in a year.

I have been listening to 3 phone OA meetings a day while working.  I just put my earbuds in.  This way I don't have to listen to my co-worker M, the bigot.  But I have been working on my spirituality and trying to do more prayer.  I have been asking God for help at combating the self-isolation that I have brought upon myself.  Last night, 2 elders from my congregation stopped in unexpectedly.  I think God has answered my prayers.  They came to see if I was doing okay and if they could offer me any assistance.  So loving and kind.  I had earlier in the day set a goal to start going back to Sunday worship services when we get back from Wisconsin.  I hate the East Coast so bad that I don't go outside.  The air here is so heavy I feel like I can't breathe.  It is so hot and humid and I am miserable.

I am really looking forward to a week with my family and old friends and to get away from this oppressive weather and my horrible co-worker.  

Thanks for reading, talk to you after Labor Day.


  1. Well done on your sfs budget !
    I hope you have a lovely time with your family and find a nice place to buy.
    Changing enviroment could be good for you :) so i hope you dont have to wait to long.
    Maybe you can stitch something for your self the next time, for your new home :)
    Wish you a lovely evening
    Big hug from Holland

  2. Hope your trip goes well. Sounds like you're close to your siblings, that's great. Good luck with the house hunting!

  3. Hi, you left a comment on my blog but you are a "no-reply" person. The thread you liked on my Kokopelli is called Peacock Feathers and is from Jodyri Designs based in England.
    Enjoy your trip! Your colleague sounds like a nightmare to work with, I can't stand bigoted people either.

  4. Can't wait till I can get there on Sat. If it makes you feel any better, Ry is nervous about seeing Kenny too. She can't even remember him. My fault, I know, but hopefully this experience won't be a nightmare. And deal with mom as if she were a child who doesn't quite understand. The kid who constantly says no and makes you want to scream; that's how you have to handle her. You just can't tell her anything or make her do anything. Just tell her stories about where you live--good or bad and listen to hers (over and over). It will be fine.

  5. Hi Diane! I love your blog! It appears that you and I are fighting the same types of demons re:weight. Ugh....
    Anyway, I wanted to let you know that you're the lucky winner of my blog give-away! Please send me your mailing info and I'll get your little package sent off to you. Again, nothing fancy or pricey, just things that I think are fun and cute! Congratulations!!!! Sharon