Monday, October 26, 2015

10/26/15 Stitch from Stash update

Hi All,

I haven't posted in quite a while.  My Stitch from Stash update for October is:
Spent zero
Earned $12.00

I have gotten to block 11 of Save the Stitches.  I have decided to stop at this level.  As I have stitched this, I have loved it, but I have been constantly wondering what I am going to do with it.  In its completed form it is 3 feet long.  So I decided to stop at this size and have it framed.  I have 2 little spots to do that I think will make it look complete to me.

As I was stitching it it popped into my head that it was like a snowflakes or ice crystals because no 2 blocks are the same.  That and the color of this reminded me of the glacier in Alaska.  It is blue because of the minerals in it.  So I am calling this my glacier ice crystals.

I framed my owl from last month too,

I haven't posted much because I feel like I am being so "woe is me",  My left hip is killing me with pain but I can't have surgery because of my weight.  I feel like I am constantly spiraling in a circle of pain.  Had a meltdown last week and took 2 days off work.  That is so not me.

Happy stitching in November.


  1. Hang in there sis!! Keeping busy might help too. Love you! Sending prayers!

  2. So sorry about your pain.

    Your blocks are beautiful! That is some very talented stitching.

  3. Love your owl, so cute :)
    Good decision to stop the blockscit looks finished to me
    Now time for a new start maybe ?
    Maybe something what inspirence you to get the weight down and finally get that operation
    When i wanted to loose weight i kept a food- walking diary
    Write down every day what i eat and how long i walked everyday
    I loved to make a healthy sandwich and took them with me on the walk
    Walked first one hour then sitting down on a nice bench enjoing my sandwich and walk back for 1 hour, you will notice that after a while you walk faster and further after a while
    Hopefully the weather is still alright with you so you can go outside to enjoy the outside air :)
    If 1 hour is to much just start with half hour
    Hope that you can make the switch and think about your self
    You deserve that operation
    Big hug from Holland