Wednesday, December 23, 2015

12/23/15 Happy Festivus

For all you Seinfeld TV show lovers - Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

I haven't been updating my blog again.  I just get bogged down in a funk so many days.  I was cutting down on my anti-depressant because I thought it might help with weight loss.  Today I am going back to a full dose.  I hope that helps.

I had my pre-op hospital visit yesterday.  So scared yet excited at the same time.  I see this as a good thing but my husband is losing his mind over this.  While he wants me  better but  he thinks even after surgery I will be an invalid.  He is driving me bonkers with his doomsday attitude.   My surgery date is January 6th.  That is just around the corner.

I have an older version of a Kindle that I bought used.  I loaded it up last week getting ready to be stuck at home for 6 weeks.  I am going to be done with them before I even go to the hospital at this rate. I have read Virals by Kathy Reich, Deep Freeze by Lisa Jackson, and am almost done with Fatal Burn by Lisa Jackson.  I am still reading The 4 Agreements but as with most self-help books, I get overwhelmed by all the things I should change about myself that I just put the book down.  With books that aren't self help I can really get lost in them.  Love to Read.  I am going to try to keep track of what I read in 2016 on a different page on my blog.  I am wondering how many books a year I do read.

I am still working on my Bucilla Sunflower.  The border on it is so very many different colors and I am constantly changing out my threads that it is taking a long time.  I would like to start a different project but I know that if I stop working on this it will go in the drawer never to be seen again.

My dieting has stalled.  I haven't been listening to OA either.  Not sure why.  I think I just get tired of thinking about food and what NOT to eat.

On a family note I was attacked on Facebook by my brother and I think it was uncalled for.  I called my one sister to talk it out and I feel so much better.  Didn't sleep at all last night  because it was so upsetting.  I am not going to make an issue of it with my brother for a couple of reasons.  1.  No good will come of it.  2.  We both think he has started drinking again and there is no talking to him when he is in that state.   I am glad I talked with her.  She is a very special person.  I wish my husband liked the area she lives in.  I would so love to be living near her.  But we are going to be building a tiny house 300 miles away from her.  That is close enough to visit her more often.   I do look forward to starting up "sister weekends" again.

Have a great day.

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