Thursday, December 24, 2015

12/24/15 Thursday

I didn't have to work today so I am being lazy.  I am sitting at my home desk for a little bit then when the pain in my hip builds I go hang out in the lazy boy chair.  In that chair I can stretch my leg out and ease the pain.  After surgery I have to walk 5 to 10 minutes every hour.  I also can't sit in the lazy boy after surgery.  I will be spending a lot of time at the dining room table.  Maybe I will get caught up on stuff I have been neglecting.

I left my Kindle at work.  At least that is what I hope.  Can't imagine where else it would be. Positive side is I won't read everything this weekend and then have nothing for when I am laid up.

My mother sent me a coloring book.  One of those new ones that are so popular with adults right now.  funny thing is I was thinking about getting her one of these.  She doesn't move very much any more and she really doesn't do anything.  I thought coloring would give her something to do.  She said she got it for me because she remembers how I sat and colored with my nieces when they were little.

I am looking forward to being pain free.

Well back to paying bills.

Love to all of you,

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