Friday, December 4, 2015

12/4/15 Sunflower

TGIF - It's Friday.
So glad.  I worked it out with my boss that I can tele-work some days but not the first week of the month.  It has been working out that if I stay home on Tuesday and Thursday I can recoup from the pain.  When I work all week the pain just builds and builds and I hardly move on the weekend.  It is amazing to me how exhausting pain is.  I am so tired but when I lay down to sleep the pain radiates down my whole leg.  I have these awful dark circles under my eyes now from not enough restful sleep.  Okay enough whining.

My husband is a federal employee and months ago he applied for a job at Fort Snelling in Minnesota. Not too far from our hometown in Wisconsin.  He got notice that he didn't get the job.  Yesterday he got a request to do another interview with them.  This would be awesome.  I wish it would have happened back a few months before we put earnest money down on the new house. It will be a long commute for him.   It would be a really hard beginning to 2016.  They would want him to start in January.  If he gets offered the job he will have to negotiate for February as I am suppose to have surgery Jan 6th.  The other downside is he would move back without me.  We have a lease that we can not get out of.  So I would stay here and work and pay the lease.  While he worked and found a room to rent there.  It would be a tough 10 months but I think it would be worth it.  I couldn't sleep last night and I laid there and it popped into my head that my cousin Julie has a huge house and all her children are gone.  It is huge 3 kitchens, 2 living rooms, at least 4 bedrooms.  I think it has at least 3 bathrooms too.  So I will reach out to her if he gets this job offer.

What I am reading:  I have read a couple of Tom Clancy's books recently.  Dang they are scary.  They were written a while back but they are nailing the current terrorism and world conditions today.
Right now I am reading James Patterson's Unlucky 13.  Again with the scary terrorism plots.  I hope the next book I pick up is more lighthearted.

Here is my Sunflower by Dimensions:

There is a lot of back stitching to be done that will bring out certain elements that right now just look like a mis-mash of colors.

OA For Today: Avoidance of suffering is natural, but as a compulsive overeater,  I am alert to my tendency to try to escape what most people accept as a part of living.

OA Voices of Recovery: Prayer changes things,  And when I don't like the changes, I can at least be assured that they came from God.

Happy Friday Everyone.

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  1. Hi Dianne
    I hope for you and your husband it all works out for the best especially with your new home
    Love your sunflower, backstitches always make a dimensions special so i look forward to see that growing nicely
    I never read scary books because they keep me out off my sleep :)
    Wondering what you will write tommorow
    Bye for now
    Big hug