Wednesday, December 9, 2015

12/9/15 Wed

I worked from home yesterday.  It helps to not have to ride the train back and forth to work.  That herky-jerky ride causes my hip so much pain.  But I was sitting in my desk chair and the pain was just too much so I didn't update my blog.  It is very strange to me how I can sit in the living room recliner with my left  (bad hip) leg outstretched and my right leg any position and sit there all day long and not have any pain.  But I can't sit in a regular desk or table chair without incredible pain.  

I think I have mentioned before my husband is a retired Marine and he saw a lot of combat and ugly things.  So he has PTSD and I can usually deal with it and try to take away his anxieties whenever possible.  But this situation with my pain and hip is just escalating his symptoms.  He really can't deal with it.   And now he has a bad cold.  My goodness is he a crabby man lately.  Tomorrow he has his interview for the job in Minnesota.  Fingers-crossed he gets it.

I don't have any pictures today but I am coming along on my sunflower.  The border is all confetti and driving me nuts.  It will be cute when it is finished.  I have a tiny dragon fly charm that I think I will sew onto it too.

I left my journal at home.  It has my notes on it from the book I am reading - The Four Agreements.  It is very interesting look at human behavior.

I am working from home again tomorrow and I have the first appointment for my surgery.  It is a phone call appointment to give information.  Scared about the operation yet so excited to have it done and this pain be gone.

Wishing you all peace and happiness,


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