Thursday, April 30, 2015


Apparently one of the many reasons I am over weight is my portion sizes are way too big.  Yesterday I felt like I was on an eating frenzy.  It was like I just couldn't get enough food.  Which, I am sure was NOT the case.

For lunch yesterday I went to Noodle & Co.  I had a coupon to try their new Buff Bowls.  No noodles.  Advertised as being chocked full of broccoli, red peppers, carrots, spinach and onions.  Could barely find a piece of broccoli.  It was mostly carrots.  I like carrots raw.  There is something about a slightly cooked carrot that just turns me off.   The normal price for this is $8.49.  I don't think it was worth it.  If it would have had lots of broccoli maybe.

This Saturday when I go grocery shopping I am going to stock up on broccoli, spinach and cucumbers.  Lots of cucumbers.  At least with cukes, I get the crunch and not so many calories. 

So being on Weight Watchers is not easy but then nothing is.  If there was something easy we would all be doing it. 

OA for Today - Pain persists until I give up trying to do things my way.

Couldn't be more true....

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


One day of Weight Watchers counting points.  No wonder I am overweight.  Everything I like is to high in points.  I need to find a way to eat vegetables.  I felt like I was starving yesterday.  Of course I wasn't.  I think it was just the thought of "nope, can't have that".  Like tonight my husband is making spaghetti.  I can only have 1/2 cup of noodles.  If you can only eat 1/2 cup of noodles...I salute you.  I am not a vegetable fan.  I do like cucumbers but I bet they are going to get old eating them every day.  I need to eat vegetables without hiding them in sauces and dips.  I don't know how I grew up hating them.  I can't eat a raw tomato at all.  I have tried many times.  Yuk.  But I can eat them cooked or made into spaghetti sauce!!  I also can't eat a mushroom.  The other vegetables I can eat a bit of.  This is going to be tough but I want to succeed.

OA tells you to ask your Higher Power for help.  I guess I had better start praying.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I have such a hard time blogging and journaling.  I think it is because I beat myself up when I do it.

So this is what I did yesterday...I walked around to the other side of the block that I work on and joined Weight Watchers.  Since I am a food-a-holic I think about food all day long.  Well joining WW isn't helping with that in this first 24 hours because all I am doing is trying to figure out meals that stay in my point range.  It would be so helpful if I liked vegetables.  Veggies are mostly free foods.  My mother was a horrible cook so I think that is the reason I like junk food or pasta.  Joining WW was a hard thing to do. Since I can't seem to lose weight on my own, I feel like I have failed again.  But I need to get this weight off.  I am in so much physical pain.  I actually weighed in about 10 lbs less than I thought I would so that was a positive.  There is a WW meeting every day at noon at this location so I think I will try to go often, as if it were a OA meeting.

I purchased a used Kindle about 5 weeks ago and my co-worker told me about Kindle Unlimited on Amazon so I have been reading like crazy.  I am reading a series about a retired police office by Nelson DeMille.  I also read a book about Grover Cleveland.  Plus lots of other books.  At home I am reading Threat Vector by Tom Clancy.  The book itself is huge so I don't carry it back and forth to work with me.  It is nearly too big for me to hold even (because of the incredible pain in my hands and wrists)  The book didn't need to be that big.  The font and spacing are a bit larger than a normal book.  Tom Clancy must have a tiny..... never mind....

I finished my stitching project for my cousin.  I hope to wash it tonight and take a photo of it.  I bought a white frame for it.  After I iron it I will see if the frame is big enough and I will take it to Michael's to get framed this weekend.  I am going to the family reunion in Montana but I think I will ship this to my cousin ahead of me.

Have a great day. 

Friday, April 24, 2015


April Stitch From Stash update.

Month: April
Spent: $5.99 (on a piece of aida)
Earned: $15.00

I am calling this project done for April.  I only have a reading quote to stitch along the bottom and it will be done.  I will finish it this weekend.  My cousin is having a family reunion at her home over Memorial Day and this is her hostess gift for doing that.  I am soooo ready for a different project. In May, I think I will work on my Save The Stitches blackwork piece that I have been neglecting for over a month.

I haven't been blogging this year at all except for my SFS updates.  I stink as a blogger.  The only goal I have managed is not eating French fries.  Still not a big deal but it is the one thing I have successfully done so it is pretty important to me.

Hope your April was productive.