Thursday, February 18, 2016

2/18/16 Thursday

I didn't go into work today.  It is part of my every other day off for 2 weeks.  But I think I am better by working every day.  I go back tomorrow and then I am suppose to have one more week of every other day.  But I really think I will go in every day.  I really think it is good for me.  Like today, I haven't really done a thing productive.  I have been SLOWLY going through a stack of papers and bills, etc that I have ignored and just stacked up.
So below is Sunny Dawn Johnston's day 3 spiritual detox:
I Let Go Of:
Being trapped in my head, and having my mind never shut off. I had this problem last night.  I just couldn't shut off all the stuff I hadn't finished and stuff I needed to remember.  Ended up getting up and emailing myself reminder notes.
It is safe and healthy for me to be quiet within. My constant mind chatter has served me well in the past; however, I am in a different place now. I am aware how this chatter has kept me distracted from what I truly wish to accomplish at any given time. My mind assists me in manifesting my dreams and desires. I put my attention on my intention to serve the highest good.
“I choose to focus on peace, calm and harmony.”
Today, I will take twenty minutes to meditate, pray or visualize. I can trust that even if it feels like my mind is louder and louder, it truly is benefiting me to go within. 
 Personal Experience:
I have a hard time meditating. I can pay attention to my breath … and then wonder if my package will be delivered today. This is so me. I can feel the bubble of energy moving up through my feet … and question whether I turned the heat down before I left. I can sink into the stillness within … and remember that it’s time to get the dogs bathed this week. Welcome to the chatter in my mind. But what I do know is that it’s better than nothing. I do know that when I give myself space to stop analyzing, and thinking, and planning and figuring it all out – well then I just might actually get a spark that my brain never came up with in all of its warp speed, hyper-drive activity. And I do know that it doesn’t have to be meditation in a dark room, chanting Om. For me it can be journaling to empty my brain onto paper to get to the clarity beneath. It can be pulling weeds in the garden, cutting the grass, walking the dogs or singing in the shower. It’s all a part of creating the SPACE to let the Busy Bee Brain go away and the Divine Inspiration to drift in. It’s in those moments of insight that I see that taking the time to get quiet is all worth it!
Journal Questions:
In what ways do you allow your “active brain” to shut off and your “inspired brain” to kick in? I tend to use reading to shut down.  But I am using it to escape the real world.
Take some time to recall an occasion where a solution or an unexpected opportunity came to you when you did NOT try so hard to figure it out, but instead focused on the desired result and allowed the path to appear.  This happens a lot to me when I am in a seminar.  An idea that is being talked about will trigger a thought about how I could solve or do something better.  I usually come back from a seminar with a notebook of stuff that has nothing to so with the seminar.
How could you incorporate meditation into your daily life?  When I go to work or come home.  I have a half hour each way that I could take to meditate.  I could pay attention more to my OA phone meetings.  sometimes I am barely tuned into them.


  1. Hi Dainne
    I know that feeling about being not productive
    I hate hate that feeling it makes me feeling down and worthless
    I recently tried to stop feeling like that by thinking about the smallest things i did that day like walking the dog, taking kids to school etc
    Its hard for me to see those as productive because i do that everyday but now i try to so see them as productive so i dont feel so much worthless in the evening so i can unwind a bit more with my cross stitch
    If i feel down its hard for me to enjoy my cross stitch ( like if i did not deserve it because i did not many productive things that day )
    Well i have to wake the kids my first productive thing of the day :)
    Look forward to see your next post
    Take care

  2. My meditatoin is being busy
    Cleaning out rooms, emptying cupboards etc
    It allso makes me feel productive so i think i need to do some meditation today :)

    1. I look forward to going on this journey with you. I do like to clean out cupboards and things too. When we move, I am planning on packing most everything we have and doing the de-cluttering as I unpack.