Friday, February 19, 2016

2/19/16 Friday - Let's smile all day long.

I started out the day in a negative frame of mind.  Our car did not start AGAIN.  My dear husband is so negative.  He went into a tirade and it was only 5:30am.   I called roadside assistance and then walked over to catch the shuttle.  I don't care to ride the shuttle because I am so short and the first step is over 12 inches from the ground.  The climb into and out of it is not comfortable with all my arthritis.  But you gotta do what you gotta do.  So I got to DC and stopped in at the little deli downstairs from my office to get a bagel.  The eye doctor that has offices on the same floor that I work on was there.  He was so happy to see me back that he bought my bagel. What a bright spot  in my day.   I got to my desk and called into the OA meeting, a little late, the reading that caught my ear was "Be optimistic...look on the bright side."  I am going to keep smiling no matter what else happens today.  I choose to be happy.

Detox Day 4
I Let Go Of:
Resistance to exercise and moving my body. 
 This is a big problem for me.  I discussed this with my sister.
I see this as a family trait and I come from a family with arthritis.
I think we stop moving because it hurts and it is happens unconsciously.
Which is ironic because moving is the best thing for you.  I also think
we come from a family full of depression but everyone is in denial.
Movement keeps me healthy and strong and I enjoy moving my body. When I move my body in loving ways, it responds back to me in loving ways as well.  I believe this to be true but I have not gotten to a place where I feel it as good.  I WILL keep going!
“I move my body in ways that feel good to me. I no longer use the excuse that I can’t … or compare myself to someone else - or myself of 10 years ago!”  AMEN
Today, I will do something to bring in movement. I can even try something new if I want to, like yoga, walking, stretching, running, or lifting weights.
Personal Experience:
As I get older, I am realizing how important it is to move my body to maintain flexibility and strength. My muscles were built to move and stretch … and when I get wrapped up in life and my To Dos, then the first thing to go out the window is my own self-care in the form of exercise. Plus, sometimes, I’d rather stay working than get up and go work out … or I’m too tired to drive to the gym.  So I really have to make a conscious effort to get up periodically during the day and move my body … and stay committed to an exercise regimen where I work out at least 3 times a week. I know I feel better when I have some movement in my body.  So true.  And I am blessed enough to have an exercise bike in my home.  I just need to get up and get on it.
Journal Questions:
What stops me from exercising consistently?  I really find no enjoyment in it.  I am envious of people that actually like to exercise.  I probably have never stuck with it long enough to find the joy.  I would rather sit and stitch.  I must do better!
What am I afraid of, if anything, in regard to physical movement?  I don't think it is fear.  I really think it is laziness.  But maybe it is fear that keeps me from moving.  But fear of what? Pain?  I really don't have a clue on this.  I will have to give it some serious thought.
What does exercise mean to me?  Dread!  A way to stay healthy.
What forms of movement could I enjoy?  Walking in a pool.  Going for a walk with a friend.  

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  1. What a lovely doctor you have :)
    You solved the car problem really good
    I luckely love to move so thats not a problem for me
    Maybe you could go on your indoor bike infront of your favorite tv so its not so boring :)
    After your excercise reward your self with some extra time with a book, cross stitch etc
    Maybe when you feel better after a time you like to move a bit more and enjoy allso a lovely walk in the park or another lovely surrounding
    Take care