Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday 3/21/16

Start of a new week.  We had a good weekend.  On Saturday we spent some time packing.  We are still 5 months out form actually moving.  But it helps my husband's PTSD if he can move on something.  We didn't do that much but it was a lot of work so I guess I am glad we are starting early. We won't have to work so hard when it comes down to the end and really having to pack everything up.

Sunday we didn't do anything.  Just had a nice relaxing day.  I am reading a book by Anne Hillerman.  I did stitch a tiny bit too.  Still working on the tribal rooster.  We did pretty good on food too.  Although we did have dessert both nights.

OA For Today: There is time in my day to stop and take notice of what is around me:  the air, a fragrance, a sound.  For one minute I can forget what I have to do and let myself feel the moment with all the intensity of my being.  What a good thought.  Do I really appreciate all that surrounds me?  I should.  My life is better than a whole lot of other people.

OA Voices of Recovery: Life is to be savored.  Such good thoughts.

Thank you God,  for my life.  I will work to do your will.

Love & Peace.

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