Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday 3/22/16

I haven't been sleeping again.  I still can't lay on my left side because my incision still hurts.  It doesn't hurt all the time just when I try to lay on that side.  I think that is normal being they cut my leg all the way to the bone.  But I just have a hard time sleeping on my other side or my back.  I took a sleep aid last night to help me sleep and this morning I feel like I have a hangover.  Thankfully I have no bosses at work this week so I can sit quietly and not have to talk.

I opened my work email this morning and had a long email from my sister.  Quite a shocker.  She is so unhappy in her marriage and she wants out.  She has so many decisions to make and she wouldn't do this until her last child is out of the house.  Which is about 2 years.  I want so bad to put my arms around her and comfort her.  We live about 1300 miles apart.  This fall when we move back to the Midwest I will only be a 5 hour drive from her and I hope to spend more time with her  I love her so much and I hate that she is in emotional pain.  She is like me and full of physical pain too.  We have arthritis everywhere.  She needs another hip replacement too.

OA Voices of Recovery:  Getting out of my own way gives me the freedom to rise to the highest level of which I am capable.  This is God's plan for me: To be free of fear; To march after every single dream; To recognize where my passion is; To let my passion loose; To be strong of mind, body and spirit; To grasp for all the the good things that could be mine; To love unreservedly; To keep the real priorities in front of me; To experience joy without limits. 

I am praying for a peaceful day today.

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