Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wed 3/23/16

I have a couple things weighing on my mind today.  First one, is I am so worried about my sister.  she is an incredible person.  She is married to an alcoholic who is verbally mean.   I want so much to help her but I have to remember I am just here to support her in anyway she needs.

My second issue is my co-worker, M the bigot.  There are only 4 people in our office.  This week it is just me and her.  I hate confrontation so I just listen to her and don't argue with her.  Monday and Tuesday she spent a couple hours putting down our boss.  He reprimands her all the time.  She doesn't understand why.  She thinks he is losing his mind.  I think she is trying to instigate me against him.  I think she has done that with a few of our members.  I wish I had the backbone to confront her.  I want to tell her, "If you would shut up when he talks, instead of trying to talk over him, maybe you would hear what he says.  Instead of trying to convince me that he never said anything."  She babbles incessantly.  I need to tell her this but I just don't see it happening.  I don't have what it takes to tell her she is wrong.  She isn't my employee.. And to alienate a fellow employee when there are only 4 of us here doesn't seem like a wise move.  Hopefully today if she starts to bad mouth him again, I will be able to at least say that I don't want to hear it anymore.  Also, how to I criticize a person when I have so many faults of my own.  Please God, direct me in the proper response...

My eating isn't going so good right now.  I am not totally out of control, just not making good choices.  I have a headache today.

Tonight is the Memorial of Christ's death.  I am looking forward to going tonight and acknowledging Jesus' sacrifice.

Please God, direct me today.....

News on my stitching... I am still slowly plugging away on my 2nd tribal rooster.  But I got my Save the Stitches back from the artist in Israel.  She made the mat to go in the frame.  Her facebook name is Passifloral.

The picture makes the cloth look like it is white but it is actually a pale blue.  When I get it back I am going to try to take another picture of it that shows the cloth better.

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