Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wed 4/13/16

I just finished reading Still Life with Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen.  It was a pretty fast read.  I enjoyed it.  I have been reading a lot lately.  I think it is a means of detaching from the world.  Sometimes it is just nice to escape into a book.  I have read 23 books so far this year.  Not sure if that is a large number or normal.  It amazed me.

We are getting closer to our move date.  5 more months.  I have started a list of things to do and when they are due by.  The feeling of having so much to not forget was getting overwhelming.  We still haven't told our employers yet.  I am going to break the news to my boss on Friday morning.  This is the best job I have ever had but I am ready to move "back home" to Wisconsin.

I haven't been stitching very much.  Here is my tribal rooster.  I am farther than this picture shows but I forgot to take a new picture.  This is for a friend of mine I hope she likes it.

I was watching a Minnesota Public TV show clip online about my hometown in WI.  They interviewed lots of people and businesses.  The woman who use to do my framing has a new shop that I didn't know about so I am excited about that.  I was fretting a bit about how I would get my stuffed framed when we move.   Many of the interviews were with my past co-workers and even my old boss.  It made me homesick and I felt tears building a little bit.

My eating isn't out of control right now but I know I have not been making very good choices.  I eat a small salad at lunch and a bag of potato chips. (not a full size bag)  I have a potato chip problem.  It is an addiction.

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