Wednesday, May 11, 2016

05/11/16 Wednesday

I did 15 minutes on my exercise bike again last night.  WooHoo! 2 days in a row.

On the cross-stitching home front, I haven't been stitching at all.  I have packed up all my craft stuff.  I know our move isn't for a couple months yet but we are packing stuff that isn't needed for day to day life.  I kept a bag with a project in it out of the packed stuff.  It is the Mason Jar Line Up kit.  I absolutely love the finished picture but I am not enjoying stitching it.  Kind of the story of my life - avoidance and denial.

Here is the next day in detox.

I Let Go Of:
Unhealthy social media habits – Focusing on social media, instead of being social. That is a very true statement for me.  I moved away from all my friends and family 9 years ago and FaceBook is how I stay connected.  so I look at it all day long to stay connected to them.  But meanwhile, I have made no real friends in the last 9 years.
I am harmonious in my relationships. I do not hide from relationships by focusing on other people's lives. It is healthy for me to have an interest and connection with a variety of people. With the internet at my disposal, I can now have this connection all over the world. There is are healthy ways to be a part of social media, and I know when I am not in alignment with them.
“I am communicative and expressive in all my relationships, both in person and online.”
Today, I will notice my behavior around social media. Do I look at my phone while having conversations ... check Facebook while at dinner ... jump on Instagram while in a meeting ... write my blog while visiting with family or friends? I will be a loving witness to my habits, actions and feelings as I observe myself as I engage - or disengage. I will then take some time to really sit with, journal on, and ask myself this question: Am I truly present - for myself and others - in ways that honor us all?  If the answer is yes, I will congratulate myself and carry on. If not, I will take action to be more aware and present by sharing this intention with at least one other person.
Personal Experience:
I LOVE technology and believe in its ability to advance our forward progress – but I also recognize how much easier and more comfortable it is for me to text someone than to call them, or stop over for a visit. My technology has become an extension of me … and while I believe it is a great instant communication tool, I recognize there are times, and moments, to lay it down … put it away and connect physically with family, friends, etc. Being fully present in the moment is challenging for me … because I am used to external stimuli and my mind is addicted to the constant movement. When I am waiting in line, I am checking email. When I am out with friends waiting for dinner to be served, I am checking my Facebook page … seeing what my friends are doing, or my family. While the instant communication I believe is of great value … so is the present moment – right here in front of me! I see how I miss out on living in my own life by witnessing others living theirs instead; and it is important to me to change this, as I have seen my own personal relationships suffer because if it.
Journal Questions:
What keeps me from connecting in-person?  Fear and anxiety meeting new people.  fear of not being liked.

Why do I distract myself while in the company of others with checking my Instagram/Facebook page?  Before this detox, I had already decided to stay off my phone when in the presence of other people.  Mostly because I have had it done to me and it seems so rude.

Have I become too dependent on texting rather than calling?  My husband only uses texts.  I wish he would just call me.  It would be so much faster and clearer to just tell me what he wants.

How has technology hurt my personal relationships?  I think it has helped me avoid person to person contact.

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