Wednesday, May 18, 2016

05/18/16 Wednesday

I finished reading Where We Belong by Emily Giffin.  It is about a woman who gave up her child when she was 18.  I found the family dynamics interesting.

I think my sister is going to make it to Wisconsin this weekend.  She is so strong to leave her husband.  He has made it clear he does not plan to stop drinking so this is what she has to do to be safe and healthy.  So proud of her for protecting herself.

OA For Today: Where I am today is a fine place to start.  That is a good thing to say each time you stumble.  Where I am right now is a fine place to start.

I pay way too much for my cell phone so yesterday I was mildly researching cell phone plans and this seems to be a money pit.  Look where we have gotten ourselves with our dependence on cell phones. Having a cell phone costs a lot more than having electricity.  It seems like you can't get a plain phone that just makes calls and texts.  I will keep looking.

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