Monday, May 9, 2016

5/9/16 Tribal Rooster back from the framers.

My tribal rooster is back from the framers and already on the way to the recipient.  The pale yellow is possible to pale but it is what it is.

Another day of detox:

I Let Go Of:         Resistance to exercise and moving my body.  Well I don't know how to make this happen.  I really hate exercise.  I know it is because of my weight and the pain that is everywhere in my body.  I also know deep down that moving is the only way to get healthy.
Movement keeps me healthy and strong and I enjoy moving my body. When I move my body in loving ways, it responds back to me in loving ways as well.
“I move my body in ways that feel good to me. I no longer use the excuse that I can’t … or compare myself to someone else - or myself of 10 years ago!”
Today, I will do something to bring in movement. I can even try something new if I want to, like yoga, walking, stretching, running, or lifting weights.  I do have a tia chi (spelling?) video downloaded that I should do every morning,  I will walk at lunch today.
Personal Experience:
As I get older, I am realizing how important it is to move my body to maintain flexibility and strength. My muscles were built to move and stretch … and when I get wrapped up in life and my To Dos, then the first thing to go out the window is my own self-care in the form of exercise. Plus, sometimes, I’d rather stay working than get up and go work out … or I’m too tired to drive to the gym.  So I really have to make a conscious effort to get up periodically during the day and move my body … and stay committed to an exercise regimen where I work out at least 3 times a week. I know I feel better when I have some movement in my body.  this could not be more true.  Especially after having hip surgery, I know that moving is so important.
Journal Questions:
What stops me from exercising consistently?  My brain and pain.  I think I may be lazy.  But I also know how much arthritis pain I have in my body.
What am I afraid of, if anything, in regard to physical movement?  Sweating.  I really don't like to sweat. Falling.  Pain
What does exercise mean to me? A Road to healthy me
What forms of movement could I enjoy? I do like walking in a pool.  Rarely have a pool that I have access to.  I use to like riding a bike.  Now the seats hurt too much.  But there is always walking.

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  1. The Rooster is gorgeous with the mat and frame. I do an exercise bike and with my bad knees, I'm sure I'm doing more damage to them. There is nowhere to walk here unless I walk along the roads on the sidewalk but I'd rather not! Have a good week!