Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2nd 2016 Monday

Here we go again.  Another Monday another "let's start again" day.

My husband was gone for 2 weeks and I was going to be so careful with my eating while he was gone and I didn't do well at all.  So I am starting over again today.  The weekend wasn't too bad.  He came home on Saturday afternoon and I had very healthy meals planned for the weekend.  So now I need to keep this going.

I was filling him in on the marriages of my 2 sisters that will probably be ending in the next year and a half.  One sister has no money because her husband hasn't worked in about 20 years and the other sister's husband is in total control of their household money.  Then I was telling him about my friend who is 78 years old and divorced her husband after a suspicious accident she had.  She fell down the steps and got hurt bad.  Personally, I believe he pushed her since she filed for divorce when she was well.  Anyway she is destitute.  She gets $710.00 from social security and her husband has basically bankrupted them so she will get nothing from the divorce.  He was always in control of the money and had no idea that they were neck deep in debt.  So anyway...I was telling him this and yesterday he says to me: we need to talk.  He says to me are you worried that I am going to divorce you and leave you penniless.  I told him no that I felt that if he wanted a divorce he would be fair.  He is that kind of man.  (as long as I hadn't cheated on him).  I told him that wasn't on my mind it was just so weird that I have 3 people in my life that are finding themselves facing poverty.  It meant a lot to me that he was being reassuring.  I mean he did not marry this hugely fat person.  60 pounds of this weight came on after we got married.  I am probably not putting this it into words very well but he was so loving and caring about my feelings.  He is a retired Marine and he has "tough guy" outer shell that doesn't crack very often.  So when he softens it just warms my heart.  Enough babbling about my wonderful husband.

One dish I made this weekend was cauliflower potato salad.  You make potato salad and substitute out the potatoes with cooked cauliflower.  Now we both like cauliflower and potato salad but it just didn't seem right.  I don't think I will make it again.  It wasn't bad just not super delicious.  The other dish I made was roasted vegetables with polska kielbasa.  I cut up the meat and laid it in the bottom of the roaster and then cut up a sweet potato, a couple small yellow potatoes and a vidalia onion. Then some carrots, parsnips, zucchini and yellow squash.  Cooked it at 400 degrees for about an hour. That he loved.  I got a new knife and it cut veggies really well.  Like cutting butter.  So sharp. While I was cleaning it, I sliced my finger.  There was no stitching this weekend.  It bled through the band-aid a couple times so I was afraid of getting blood on my project.  It looks to be healing up nicely now.

I read another book.  The Vow of Silence by Susan Hill.  Pretty good.  After I read it I realized it was the 4th in a series so now I will have to find the others.  Because I do love a series.

I did do some bible study this weekend.  I am reading Imitate Their Faith.  So far it has been about Abel, Noah and now I am on Abraham.

OA Voices of Recovery: What do we say when we talk with God? We say whatever we feel like saying.  I need no formal ritual, no structured prayer to talk to my God today.  I need only believe that God is with me, and God is here.  I talk to God today as I do to my best friend.  I seek guidance, ask for strength, and most of all, I say " Thank You".

Thank you.............

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