Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday 05/16/16

I couldn't take any more of the 44 day detox from Sunny Dawn Johnston.  I tried to do it again because my sister thinks it is great.  It isn't a detox physically.  It is all about delving into yourself.  But it is everyday you have to dissect a piece of yourself and examine how you feel etc.  I just can't do that everyday.  Some days I would like to feel good about just being me.  So that has fallen by the wayside.  I still get the detox emails so I may look at it but I am not going to participate every day.

I still am not stitching.  I will try to get motivated this week.  We had a good weekend (even if there was no stitching).  Saturday my husband who always has to be "the tough guy" was in a very loving mood.  (you can use your imagination here)  We went for a walk in Old Town Alexandria.  We found a bowl for my sunflower kitchen in a "antique" shop.  There were 2 of them but the one was chipped. We walked around the farmers market and I pointed out to my husband all the things I wanted at our new home.  Like a rhubarb patch, and to grow some basil, parsley, and lavender.

I finished another book.  Murder on the Menu by Miranda Bliss.  It was a quick read.  Now I am reading Where We Belong by Emily Giffen.  The only thing I am going to miss about my commute to work is my reading time.

We are flying to Wisconsin this weekend to check on the house and see how the builders are coming along.  We also have to meet with the stone guy to pick out a color for the front of the house.  My sister from North Dakota was going to come to Wisconsin too but she left her husband yesterday so I am not sure what she will be able to do.  She is staying with a friend until she can figure out where her life is going.  Her husband is an alcoholic and she needs him to get sober but it isn't what he wants so her future is in limbo right now.  I hope she can make it.  I need to hug her so bad.

Peace, Love and Hope,

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