Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Yesterday after work, I rode my exercise bike for 15 minutes.  HUGE accomplishment for me.  Now I need to keep going... Deep down I know that this is the best thing for me.

And another day of sunnydawnjohston.com detox your life:

I Let Go Of:
Fear of failure – Allowing fear to hold me back in many areas of my life.
I am stronger than my greatest fears. Fear is nothing more than the story we tell ourselves to keep us in the unhealthy, although familiar, patterns we have created. It is simply an obstacle we have created in our own minds. When we fight our fears, they chase us our entire lives. When we face our fears, we are free our entire lives. The choice is ours.
False Evidence Appearing Real: “Fear is nothing more than the story we tell ourselves to keep us in the patterns which we have created.”
Today, I choose to face one of my fears, big or small. I will no longer give it the power over me. I will share with someone the fear I am facing and what step I am willing to take in order to take my power back from the fear that I have so freely given to. I will take action today and let go of the False Evidence Appearing Real … I will create a new reality TODAY and will replace that fear with FAITH!
Personal Experience:
I am afraid that I am truly just not worthy of love. I have a fear that says I am not good enough. I have created stories within myself to confirm that I have no value and/or worth. That I do not deserve love or success!! I have looked for experiences with other people, within my work environment, within my intimate relationships, within my family … to validate this truth for me. A truth that I have created within my own mind. I look for any experience that I can manipulate into seeing from my lack mentality, so I can create the evidence that says… “See I am right - I am not loveable, I am not worthy, no one cares, so why should I?” Today I am re-writing my story ­– and it is one of success!! I am willing to face these fears that tug at me and allow myself to achieve all of who I am meant to be.
Journal Questions:
What stories are playing out in your head to support your fears? I spent 18 years listening to mother tell me I was stupid, useless, fat, and would probably spend my life in a mental hospital.  For the record I was not fat and I wasn't stupid.  And I surely wasn't insane. I was just an average kid.  There was really nothing wrong with me.  I feel like crying for that little girl that was verbally pushed down, stomped on and learned to fear the world.  Now as I am older I can see where these are things she felt about herself not me.  But all those years of her "conditioning" just don't go away because I want them too.  I fight to rise above this in some way every day.  There are just so many hurdles in every day.  
Are you creating scenarios that come from a place of lack, pain and judgement so you can be right? I probably do this.
Has your fear taken away your power? Many times.  Especially in dealing with other people.
What can you do to release those fears?  Keep telling myself that I can do anything.

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