2015 Finishes

For Jennifer

For Alexandra
For Brenda

Made for ME.

Made for Collene -  July 2015

Made for Lyric
Made for Kat - April 2015

Made for Angela
Made for Collene
Made for Sue

1 comment:

  1. i just wrote a comment but it seems to disappeared
    well if you get it double just delete one.

    you finished a lot already this year
    my favourite one is the tulips
    i have been reading a lot of older postings of your blog and i noticed that you deal with a few problems.
    I love how you are telling your story, you have a gift for writing :)
    i look forward to read how you are dealing with these problems on your journey .
    Hopefully stitching,reading, spirituality,friend and family help you on this bumpy road.
    Just subscribed to your blog so i want miss out any postings any more.
    wish you a lovely day full of joy
    A big hug from Holland